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Developer Tooling

  • Viz

    Call graph of an Elixir codebase Visualize the call graph for Elixir codebases. Especially helpful for debugging and discovering unusual codepaths!
  • Reveal

    JavaScript code in colorful nested blocks Reveal the hidden structure in code. A helpful tool for junior programmers.
  • tree-sitter-gleam

    Screenshot of Emacs showing Gleam code with syntax highlighting Grammar to construct a concrete syntax tree (CST) from Gleam code.

Toys & Games

  • Conway's Game of Life

    Grid showing a glider gun in Conway's Game of Life The classic cellular automata.
  • QuAnts

    Grid showing various QuAnts (three-segment colored automata) moving in a grid A two-dimensional reverseable cellular automata.
  • Darwin's Game of Evolution

    Colorful cells representing simulated lifeforms on a grid A complicated cellular automata where each cell contains detailed state, including food, size, and rules for how to interact with other cells in the grid.