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Jonathan Arnett


Jonathan Arnett

Hello! My name is Jonathan Arnett, and I am a software engineer specializing in web development. I am a recent (as of December of 2016) Computer Science and Engineering graduate from The Ohio State University. The vast majority of my projects during school were outside the classroom, evidence of which can be seen in the projects section. Most of my work is with Ruby on Rails, but I like to try whatever new technology catches my attention. If you'd like to see my latest work, I recommend checking out my GitHub page.


Education (GPA: 3.367)

The coursework for my Computer Science and Engineering degree included courses on the foundations of computer science, software development practices, operating systems, neural networks, and high performace computing. I also took courses on physics, calculus, and engineering practices.

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While I mainly work with Ruby on Rails and Elixir within Phoenix applications, I also have extensive knowledge of Ruby (without Rails), JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, HAML, and various shell scripting languages (bash, fish, and zsh). Additionally, I have some experience with C, Rust, Go, Clojure, and Python. In my coursework I was taught Java and ANSI C.

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Software Developer at CoverMyMeds

(June 2018 - Present)

At CoverMyMeds, I maintain existing and develop new Ruby on Rails and Phoenix applications within a distributed microservices architecture. As CoverMyMeds is a healthcare company, I have become familiar with compliance, security, and risk-management processes.

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Software Engineer at MOBI

(January 2017 - May 2018)

At MOBI, I helped maintain and extend the monolithic Ruby on Rails application that drives the MOBI SaaS platform. Specifically, I added a variety of new features and fixed bugs reported by users. My favorite task at this position was to refactor older code to make it cleaner and more efficient, which eventually landed me on the Performance Team. As a Performance Team member, I analyzed metrics to prioritize and implement optimizations. The technologies I worked with most at this position were Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL.



I am currently the organizer of Columbus Emacs, and a member of the Columbus Ruby Brigade, the Columbus Rust Society, and a variety of other tech meetups. I gave a talk at a session of Columbus Ruby Brigade, which can be viewed on YouTube. When I was still attending the Ohio State University, I was the president of the Collegiate Web Developers Group (CWDG), and an active member of the OSU Open Source Club (OSU OSC), Additionally, I volunteered at OSU events in order to support CWDG and OSU OSC.

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My most actively maintained projects are Time Tracker, a Ruby on Rails app to help me manage my todo list; Game of Evolution, a genetic algorithm written in vanilla JavaScript; and Minecraft Manager, a Ruby on Rails app to provision, image, and destroy DigitalOcean droplets.

Despite my professional work being mostly web-development focused, I like to tinker with embedded systems. I have several personal projects in this field, the most notable of which are the Pigeon Autonomous Quadcopter Project and Karen Power Control (formerly Karen, the Automated Coffee Maker). Lastly, in conjunction with the Pigeon Project, I have contributed to the i2cdevlib project by writing the Arduino library for the L3G4200D gyroscope.

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